Too Many Questions

I find myself runnn’ to Luna’s faster than I have ever run before. Then out the corner of my eye, I see movement an’ I know it’s a wolf. I keep runnin’, I jus’ have to get there, but the wolf continues to follow. Why doesn’t he overtake me? He could outrun me in this form if he wanted to, so I slow my pace an’ notice that his footfalls slow also.

So what does this mean? Why are the Pack watchin’ Luna. Are they lookin’ for Marcus? Do they only think he is missin’? Where is Alcide? Did he not declare that he killed Marcus an’ that he’s now Pack Master? Are they really after Emma, or are they jus’ watchin’ to make sure she is safe, cause they don’t want the daughter of their Pack Master to vanish from under their noses too?

I leap out from the trees an’ into the back yard of Luna’s house. The smell of wolf is everywhere. She must smell it too. Is this why she is so in edge? Is she worried for her own safety an’ Emma’s. Is she worried that they’ll put two an’ two together an’ get that I was involved in Marcus’ disappearance? Could this be why she keeps me at arms length, always an aloofness, while I jus’ wanna enjoy what we are startin’ here, see where this takes us?

The steps to her back door are jus’ a few feet away an’ I hear the wolf growl a warnin’ to me, turnin’ I do the only thing I can an’ growl back. I see the eyes through the trees, yellow, then they are gone. I stop and listen as his footfalls fade into the distance an’ there I sit, listenin’ for any movement. Inside the house is quite, but I’ll stay here ’til mornin’, cause like this I will be better prepared for what might be lurkin’ out in the trees.


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